Building New Horizons

Neocity Group, founded in 2003, has a proven track record of delivering high quality and cost-effective real-estate investment and development projects in Eastern and Central Europe. The Group’s portfolio is as extensive as it is diverse, with projects taking place in a number of countries and across a broad
spectrum of commercial and residential types.

Projects focus on the development, construction and sale of select residential and commercial real-estate investments where significant profit potential is identified. The group employs over 30 people, spread across four countries: Israel, Poland, Czech Republic, and Romania. The considerable experience of the management team allows for carefully planned projects that are executed on time and to the highest standards. Management also sets a progressive strategy for future growth.

The experience, knowledge and capital upon which Neocity Group was founded originates in the following companies:

Owned and managed by the Benshach family, Petrolgas was founded in the 1950’s. Petrolgas is a leading Israeli energy company that controlled 40% of the domestic gas market in the 90’s.

Petrolgas has expanded its activities into the real-estate markets of Israel, Romania, France and Poland. The Group is active in various commercial, industrial and real-estate developments and investments worldwide.

Nairda Group, established and co-owned by Eddie Arditi and Sabi Bar Noy, develop large-scale multi-million dollar ventures in various industries, including the Oil, Hospitality and Finance sectors.

Nairda’s high capabilitites in Project Management – specifically coordinating complex, fast-tracked mega-projects – combined with financing, construction and engineering resources, facilitated its expansion into a major infrastructure company.